Audi developing a mid-engine supercar

The growth of the German auto making company Audi is making news with new introductions to its already satisfying line up. There is the R4 which is expected along with the R8 in quick successions. There is news that the company is planning to set up two new main platforms which would be making cars of the Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen

They have plans to set up the MOB platform which works on a modular architecture. This platform has the ability to transversely mount the engines in front of the chassis. Models like the Audi R4, R3 or TT Successor and Porshce 914 or #56 Succesor would be built on this platform. There is also the Volkswagen Bluesport and the Beetle models which would be built on this platform.

The other platform that is being set up is the MSS which is a longitudinal mid-engine platform. Fortitude has stated that this platform is a new concept and uses the same design parameter as MLB and MQB. The design of the distance between steering components called geometries and engine placement would be decided by the platform but the looks of the car with a longitudinal approach be giving it a sleek and flashy look. The future R8, Lamborghini models, and the future Porsche 911 and 918 would be built on this platform.

Source: topspeed

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