Audi & Mercedes to stage three global debuts in Los Angeles

Although there are a number of places available where the car manufacturers are introducing their latest models of cars, it is quite common to notice a fact that there are many people introducing their cars in some of the car shows that are conducted in a number of places. Although there are many car shows taking place all over the world, Los Angeles car show is quite a different one where there are a number of car makers interested to introduce their latest model cars that they are going to market in the current year.

In the Los Angeles car show, there are a number of new models like Audi, Mercedes among others are going to be introduced where there are no words from most of the manufacturers but some of them have announced prior that they are coming with a new variety with them. Among the new arrivals, one of the much awaited one is the Cadillac ATS-V that has already created a sensation among many people where there are many coming for this car show just to see the specs of Cadillac ATS-V. Also several mysteries are still clouding the car show since the count of new cars to be introduced is not yet announced fully.

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