Auto industry cyber security group hires Boeing veteran to manage security threats

The company that car manufacturers in the United States developed to handle cyber security dangers stated on Wednesday it has worked with a previous Boeing Co executive as its leader.

Faye Francy, who most just recently was head of the air travel market’s cyber security clearinghouse, called the Aviation-ISAC, will take control of the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or Auto-ISAC.

Car manufacturers utilize the Auto-ISAC to share particular details about cyber security hazards and countermeasures without compromising competitive details.

Francy signs up with the vehicle market group at a time when federal regulators and legislators are progressively worried that hackers might make use of automobiles through their internet connections and horn in computer systems that manage braking, steering and ultimately self-driving.

As the automobile market broadens its use of automated systems to pilot cars, it is experiencing much of the very same technical and security issues airplane makers face to protect automatic flight systems. Francy signed up with Boeing in 2001 and led a group that concentrated on cyber security for Boeing commercial aircraft.

Francy is going to replace the Auto-ISAC’s acting executive director, Jonathan Allen, a principal at the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

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