Behold the nanoFlowcell QUANT F!

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner and yet, here comes another automaker that has decided to unveil its latest creation to the public ahead of the event. The automaker that calls itself the nanoFlowcell has officially shown off its latest creation, which it is referring to as the QUANT F. As unique as its name may sound, what does this car actually have in store?

Well, to begin with, the automaker in charge of building the vehicle claims that the car is literally a further development of the company’s QUANT E model. The latter is a model that was introduced the previous year. With that being said, both the QUANT E and the newer QUANT F look familiar. The latter, however, sports a new version of the company’s so-called QUANTeYES headlamps. In addition to that, the car also comes with a rear spoiler that will deploy automatically when the car reaches the speed mark of 80 km/h. Other components worth mentioning include a new carbon fiber monocoque body. Thanks to this, the car can now offer quite a spacious interior for its owners.

Under the skin, the vehicle counts on an enhanced version of the company’s nanoFlowcell technology. This technology keeps on providing the car with more than 50 Amperes of electrical current. All these Amperes will then be sent into a new buffer system, which is well capable of giving the car more than 2,000 Amperes when the engine is about to hit its peak performance.

It is said that the upcoming nanoFlowcell QUANT F will also benefit from a total power output of 1,090 PS, a total distance range of 800 km and a 2-speed automatic gearbox. Last but not least, its top speed is rated at no less than 300 km/h.

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