BMW Z3: Here is how things might turn out

BMW seems to be shuffling a few of its Z variants. There are rumors that BMW is planning on bringing back the Z3, among all the other changes in their Z series of cars. However the information is too confusing and not officially confirmed as of now.

Now let’s delve into it a bit more. BMW surely has some plans up its sleeve to change the fact that the Z4 Roadster is the only car in the Z-series line up. Recently, we heard that there are plans for the future Z2 model, as it seems to turn out, BMW indeed was going to develop the Z2, but then changed their minds when they decided they need an entry level roadster. The Z2 got bumped onto the same UKL Matrix platform used for the 1-Series and the Mini models, giving it a look of a Z1 model. Once that criteria was fulfilled, BMW then used the plans that had been intended for the grander Z2 and moved them on up to the new Z4 which will actually be the proposed Z3. The current Z4 Roadster will remain the same, retaining its luxurious hardtop design with the current Z5 and making it a perfect competitor for the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster.

The future Z-Series line-up will include the Z1 entry level roadster, the premium Z3, and the luxury Z5. Now that we have analyzed BMW’s plans, we can only hope they are actually converted into reality in the near future.

Source: topspeed

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