We Can Wait Till 2019 For Infiniti’s First Electric Car

Infiniti Prototype 9 Images

At this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Infiniti amazed all of us with the extraordinary Prototype 9 concept. It’s designed to appear like a vintage 1930s grand prix racer, however under the sheetmetal, it gets the powertrain from the revamped Nissan Leaf. So not just is it fantastically beautiful, it’s also electric. The bad news is that Infiniti will not put the Prototype 9 into production, however if you can wait till 2019, you will have the ability to buy an electric Infiniti.

Discussing with AutoCar, Alfonsa Albaisa, Infiniti’s head of design, stated the luxury automaker will introduce an electric car in 2019. However we’ll get our first look at the concept version at the Detroit Auto Show in January. He didn’t provide many ideas about exactly what the concept would appear like, however he did say it would utilize “parts of the [Prototype 9] in a distinction context.” Albaisa also confirmed that Infiniti’s brand-new electric car will ride on its own platform in place of sharing one with the Nissan Leaf.

Back in 2012, Infiniti displayed the LE concept, a Nissan Leaf wearing a lot more appealing sheetmetal. However if the new automobile won’t share a platform with the Leaf, it most likely will not draw motivation from the LE. Maybe that indicates the beautiful Emerg-E concept isn’t as dead as its five-year absence may recommend. Indeed, that car was a hybrid, but just look at it. Even half a decade later on, it still looks great.

Despite that, have a watch for the concept’s reveal ahead of the Detroit Auto Show this January.

Infiniti Prototype 9 Images

Infiniti Prototype 9 Images

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