Car ruined during incident at Belfast’s Cave Hill

belfast's cave hill car turned

An incident where a woman returned from a walk up Cave Hill in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to discover her car turned on to its roof is being investigated by cops.

Katy Skelton, 25, from County Antrim, parked her blue Mini prior to deciding a walk with friends on 3 May.

She stated she returned to discover her automobile “completely ruined”.

“My sat nav took me to the back entrance of Cave Hill. There were some other vehicles around so I parked up behind them on the grass area,” she stated.

“I didn’t envision that I ‘d come back to my vehicle like that.”

Katy, who works for mental health organisation Inspire, stated she discovered the “automobile on its roof on the road”.

“The windscreens have been smashed and the roof is collapsed,” she included. “It is definitely ruined.”

It was Katy’s first time up Cave Hill and she stated she would not be back anytime soon. “I waited from 8pm to midnight till the authorities got here,” she added.

“It was pitch black, I was freezing and I was horrified they were going to return and do something to the automobile or me.”

Police are prompting anybody who saw anything suspicious in between 18:00 to 20:00 BST to call them.

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