What? Church Robbers’ Vehicle Gets Struck by Lightning?! [Video]

by SpeedLux

If you remember correctly, there is a phrase in the bible that says something like ‘thou shalt not steal’. Well, no matter whether you believe in miracles or not, it seems that you really should not take for granted the saying quoted from the bible. Unfortunately, these people who decide to rob a church do not seem to be fully aware of that.

Only recently, there has been a particular video uploaded to the world’s most popular video sharing sites, YouTube. This video shows a pursuit between two cars. As it turns out, one of the cars is a police car whereas the other is a car used by the robbers. This hot pursuit event takes place in mother Russia and it seems to be a pretty intense one.

In the YouTube video – which indicates that the footage is taken at a highway located at the St. Petersburg, Russia – a police car can be seen trying to catch up to a car consisting of several masked men. Of course, the only explanation that makes sense here why these men wear masks on their faces is because they have just performed a robbery or the likes of it. Shockingly enough, these men are believed to have robbed a church in the local area!

Well, although the police may not be able to take the robbers into custody, it seems that there is nothing left to worry about these masked men. Thing is, all of them are now gone for good. If you pay attention to the aforementioned YouTube video, the dash-cam of the police car shows that the robbers’ car suddenly gets struck by lightning. As a result, the robbers’ car crashes onto another vehicle from the oncoming lane and casualties are inevitable.

Yet, speaking of this particular incident and its video, some people who have watched it claim that it is fake and is a result of video editing process. To find out for sure, it seems that we shall have to wait until an eyewitness from the Russian Federation comes forward and tell everyone out there what really happened during the horrifying incident.

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