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Images of Citroen aircross

Is This the Citroen Aircross?

It is known that the French automaker, Citroen, is working on a new vehicle model that it will dub the Aircross. The car is set to make its global debut officially come April 8, 2015. Nonetheless, before that can happen, someone has already leaked an image of the car onto the World Wide Web. Despite the low resolution, the image depicts clearly what customers can possibly expect from the upcoming French vehicle model.

Published by the Automobile magazine, this leaked image shows that the Aircross model from the French automotive brand will come in the form of an SUV that has a compact size. To some, the design may look quite attractive. Yet, to some others, the car may look rather strange. It’s just as in the case of the Nissan Juke which actually attracts quite a large number of people out there, yet, at the same time also drives a large number of people away due to its very strange looking design.

The Citroen Aircross sports a front fascia that somehow looks similar to the French company’s C4 Cactus model. The car also benefits from twin LED daytime running lights that sit above the headlamps of the vehicle.

Speaking of the upcoming Aircross model, the French automaker, Citroen, has asked the public whether they have ever seen a camera on four wheels. Well, taking that into consideration, there is actually a reason to believe that the Aircross will be fitted with camera on each of its four wheels.

Although official details have yet to come out so far, the wait should not be long. After all, the upcoming Citroen Aircross is going to have its world premiere no later than April 8, 2015. So, stay tuned for more updates in respect to this French vehicle model in particular.

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