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Images of Rapide EV-Aston Martin

Aston Martin Working on Rapide EV?

Are you a fan of the luxury British automaker, Aston Martin? If so, there may be good news for you. Thing is, the company has been reportedly working on a new vehicle model. Unlike the company’s previous creations, however, this new model is believed to be a fully electrified one. If you think that this may just be nothing but a rumor, well, we may have to tell you that this information has come from Andy Palmer himself, the CEO of the aforementioned British automotive marquee.

As reported by the Auto Express, quoting the words that come out of the mouth of Andy Palmer’s, the company has even carried out a feasibility study of the vehicle in terms of engineering. In addition to that, the company has even already started building up a mockup of the vehicle.

Well, as if those are not enough, Palmer even goes as far as to claim that the upcoming electric vehicle version of the company’s Rapide model – yes, it will be the Rapide – is going to benefit from electric motors at both its front and rear ends. Mated to an all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain, the car will have a total power output of no less than 1,000 bhp. And, unlike in the case of most electric vehicles out there that utilize just a single lithium-ion battery pack, Aston Martin will be equipping the Rapide with a number of batteries. Thanks to these batteries, the car will be able to travel as far as two hundred miles on a single charge.

However, there may only be one problem when it comes to the Aston Martin Rapide EV. According to Andy Palmer, the car may come with an asking price of no less than GBP200,000. Wow, now that is a frightening figure for a car, don’t you think?

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