Peugeot Reveals the Foodtruck Concept

Images of Peugeot Foodtruck concept

If you think that the luxury automaker based in France, Peugeot, is only good at making passenger cars, well, you may as well have to think one more time. Believe it or not, the company has now revealed a completely new vehicle model and this is not just another passenger vehicle. No, this is a food truck and is appropriately named the Foodtruck by the luxury French marquee. The company has unveiled this latest creation just ahead of the upcoming Milan Design Week that is slated for kick off on April 14, 2015.

The Peugeot Foodtruck concept made its appearance at a special event that took place in Paris, France, only recently. According to the Global Brand Design Studio that belongs to Peugeot, the Peugeot Design Lab, the car is a result of its dream and design. The French automaker claims that this is how the company envisions a unique concept of a restaurant. The company believes that this will keep customers on coming to the Foodtruck, which is essentially a mobile restaurant.

The Foodtruck is reportedly going to make use of the chassis of the Peugeot Boxer. For those of you who may not be quite aware just yet, this is a mobile bistro that is known as the Le Bistrot du Lion. The car, Peugeot claims, is well capable of serving food for no less than thirty people all at the same time. It even has standing panels as well as a Focal-branded premium audio system that sports a display screen measuring 46 inches diagonally.

Well, if all those are still not enough to appeal buyers, Peugeot has also equipped this Foodtruck concept car with a deep fryer, no less than four induction burners in total and two grilling plates. Other noticeable highlights include a 350L refrigerator for the purpose of keeping beverages cold, a 400L under-foot refrigerator and also an air vent system that assures everyone can enjoy optimum air quality.

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