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Citroen Spotted Testing a Mysterious Sedan Model

It seems that one of the France-based automakers, Citroen, is, at the moment, busy cooking up something. A compact sedan entirely wrapped in disguise has recently been spied while taking some tests in the northern part of the European continent and it seems that the sedan wears the Citroen badge.

Honestly speaking, due to the full camouflage applied on the entire body panel of the vehicle, it becomes rather hard to tell what the vehicle is going to feature. Well, it seems that the car is not going to be a DS model. Instead, it looks more like it is oriented towards budget, meaning the car will be targeted to customers at the mid to the entry level market segment. Judging by the images of the vehicle, it seems quite likely that the car bears a double chevron logo on its front fascia.

Taking into consideration that the car recently went under some factory tests in Europe, it is less likely that it is going to be a Euro-spec model. Instead, it seems like the car is going to be targeted towards the Chinese market instead, likely to update the currently existing C-Quatre or the C4 L model.

Well, regardless of what it is going to be, considering that the car comes with a plain visual styling, it will most likely be a basic model that is going to come with a relatively affordable price tag. Unfortunately, it seems that the car may not be able to make its debut until at least the end of the year, taking into account the heavy camouflage all over the body.

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