Compact Citroen Sedan Spied Fully Disguised

The French automaker, Citroen, is supposedly working on a new vehicle model. Only recently, someone has managed to capture several images of what will most likely be a compact sedan from the aforementioned French company. Unfortunately, during the moment it was spotted, the vehicle was actually wrapped in camouflage all over its body. As a result, it becomes rather mysterious what model this will actually be.

Yet, judging by the looks of the vehicle in the spy images, the car does not look like it is going to wear the DS moniker from the French automaker. Instead, it is more likely that the car will slot just under the French company’s C5 model. After all, the spied test mule seems to be smaller than the company’s C5 vehicle model. Taking everything into account, it is perhaps safe to say that the heavily disguised test mule will actually end up wearing a C4 moniker with an L – which stands for Lounge – emblem. If this is true, the car will most likely be coming with European specifications. With that being said, it will come with different technical specifications when compared to the version that Citroen sells in other countries, including Asia, China, Argentina, Brazil and other Latin American countries.

It seems that the car will take advantage of PSA’s EMP2 platform which is also used for the Peugeot 308 sedan, the sister model. The latter has also been caught on camera during test. In addition to that, when compared to the hatchback variant, the possible Citroen C4 L sedan will have its trunk capacity increased to about 450 liters. For the hatchback, the capacity is just 408 liters. Unfortunately, due to the rather narrow trunk opening, tall objects won’t fit into the trunk.

The supposedly Citroen C4 L Euro-Spec sedan may well make its world debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show event that is going to kick off September this year. Sales are expected to start nearing the end of the year.

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