October 29, 2020

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    Sometimes we have no choice but to leave our comfort zones and push ourselves to the limit. Whether it’s throwing yourself into a new social situation, heading into a job interview, or trying a new dish in a fancy restaurant, it’s a real ‘heart in your mouth’ moment, but it’s usually worth it.

    You’ll probably feel the same way about driving through somewhere new. If you’re not used to the roads of a new city, town, or highway and you don’t know what to expect then it can be incredibly daunting and even dangerous. Driving can be lethal at the best of times, but when you’re worried about getting lost, driving too slowly or too quickly, didn’t see the road sign or you’re too busy adjusting your GPS you’re more likely to have an accident. If you’ve been in a crash, get more info from a car accident lawyer in NJ as soon as possible.

    So, to help keep you safe I’ve gathered some simple driving tips for when you’re traveling through a city you don’t know. 

    Set off early

    If you have an appointment, or you need to be somewhere for a certain time then don’t leave everything until the last minute. Make sure you have your bag ready the night before and that you have everything you need so you’re not rushing around in the morning trying to find your jacket or your keys. Setting off early will give you more breathing room and help to keep your stress levels low, allowing you to concentrate and make better driving decisions. 

    If you do make a mistake, it’s fine! If you give yourself enough time, then you can simply go back around and try again. 

    Assess the parking situation

    Often it’s parking that causes the most stress when we’re exploring somewhere new. So, before you travel make sure you know where you’re going to park and have a backup place in mind in case things go awry. 

    A Google map is your friend!

    If you really want a preview of what’s ahead then don’t be afraid of checking out your route on Google Maps. If you’re unsure about which lane to be in at an intersection, or which turnoff you shouldn’t miss then take a look online and make a mental note of it. Many nervous drivers find this tip incredibly helpful. 

    Take it slow

    Not too slow of course, as you don’t want to cause an accident. But there’s little point racing through a city if you don’t know where you’re going and you’re feeling pressured by other drivers. Take your time and keep your eyes peeled.

    And finally, keep calm!

    Easier said than done, but if you keep your head you’re more likely to have positive driving experience. Allowing road rage and stress to creep in whilst you’re driving can have catastrophic consequences, so just try to keep yourself calm and collected. If someone does something that cuts you off or they give you a short blast of their horn, just relax and concentrate on your destination. You’ve got this! 

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