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Electric community car schemes see a rise in Wales

They have a car in a central location which people can book and utilize if they want to get somewhere when buses, trains or taxis are unavailable or would cost more than enough.

A community car scheme began in Corwen in Denbighshire in 2018.

Two new electric vehicles have also been ordered for rural regions in Gwynedd.

Others are being looked at in Conwy and Wrexham counties.

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Supporters state they can make it easier for individuals in rural areas to get to job interviews, hospital appointments, or just to do the shopping. But no less than one scheme in Wales has been wound up.

In Corwen, the electric car is a red Nissan Leaf called Neli, organized by the South Denbighshire Community Partnership.

Bookings have been sluggish to come in since the electric car reached in October last year, but organizers have used it as an additional vehicle for a community dial-a-ride scheme when it’s not been out on hire.

The first community electric car sharing scheme in Wales was in Cilgwyn close to Newport, Pembrokeshire in 2013. It was carefully followed by a scheme in the city of St Davids.

But Andy Dixon, who helped run the St Davids scheme, states that it was wound up after a year.

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