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Ferrari F430 from Canada has been upgraded with twin superchargers from Novitec Rosso and up for sale

An upgraded Ferrari F430 from Canada has been put on sale for a staggering $159,00 CAD. The upgraded Ferrari F430 has twin superchargers from Novitec Rosso which allows the Ferrari F430 to produce 707 of horsepower. Novitec Rosso has taken time in upgrading many auto parts such as an upgraded fuel pump, larger injectors, upgraded ECU, high-flow headers and Scuderia style exhaust system, high-flow air filters, water-cooled intercoolers, carbon engine bay and much more.

Novitec has also redesigned the front and rear bumper, side skirts, rear wing, tail lights, rear grille, new NF4 wheels and even more. The upgraded F430 also includes interior upgrades, to name a few, there are carbon seats, an alcantara interior package, carbon accents and trim pieces. The paint of the car has been done by Novitec Rosso themselves with grey matte finish and a fighter jet livery. The racing suspension used in this car is by KW Racing and also consists of a 6-piston 380 mm Novitec brakes.

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