Ferrari to showcase high-efficiency California concept at the 2010 Paris Auto Show

Going green is the phrase and way the world is going towards. It’s all about going green for adopting the eco friendly process. Ferrari though has gone green albeit in a different manner and shade. The color shade they have selected for their cars will be shown at the 2010 Paris Auto show is one of green and draws upon the envious looks of its contemporaries and competitors. The Californian Grand tourer has managed to get biased treatment due just this selection of green.

The California concept from Ferrari is supposed to come out with more real time improvements unlike the HY-KERS concept that was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show. This one from Ferrari is going to have the stop start system along with the improved direct injection tuning. It would also be using special material to reduce internal friction and given better cruising efficiency with cylinder deactivation.

Some more efficiency improvement techniques that Ferrari would be applying to this concept are the Aerodynamic drag optimization, brake energy regeneration, and weight reduction techniques. They are also using lower rolling resistance tires. The overall technique appears to be similar to what BMW applies, that of making many small gains adding up to a more EficientDynamic regime.

To see the reality we have to wait for the event that is 2010 Paris Auto Show which is just a few days off now.

Source: motorauthority

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