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Fiat Chrysler owners suing automakers in U.S. diesel case

Lawyers representing owners of Fiat Chrysler diesel vehicles informed a U.S. judge they are seeking up to $106.5 million in legal costs and out-of-pocket costs in relation with a settlement over excess vehicle emissions, but they are discussing to finalize the amount, officials stated on Wednesday.

The attorneys stated in a filing late on Tuesday they had reviewed over 4 million pages of documents and were involved in nearly 100 depositions. They seek up to $99.5 million in legal charges and $7 million in costs.

Ken Feinberg, a court-appointed mediator, stated at a hearing on Wednesday there has been no agreement regarding the amount of the legal fees, but talks have been ongoing between Fiat Chrysler, Robert Bosch GmbH and lawyers for 104,000 vehicle owners.

U.S. District Judge Edward Chen stated he hoped an agreement could be reached by early next month.

The Italian-American automaker on January 10 announced it settled with the U.S. Justice Department, the state of California and diesel owners over civil claims that it utilized illegal software that produced misleading results on diesel-emissions tests.

Fiat Chrysler estimated the costs of the settlements at about $800 million, a figure that could possibly rise to over $900 million with the legal fees.

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