Fincantieri launches giga-yacht Fortissimo

Fincantieri, Italu’s largest yacht maker, whose name is synonymous with large award winning yachts, has done it again. Coming off the heels of the launch of the 440 feet Serene mega yacht, Fincantieri has now surpassed it with its latest Fortissimo yacht. Standing true to its name, it looks like a fort, but has the abilities of a top end speed boat, reaching a speed of 35 knots easily.

The credit for the design of this behemoth goes to Ken Freivokh Design. This giga-yacht is one of its kind with its modern and futuristic design. The 476 feet long hull has a total of 8 decks, and is one of the heaviest yacht of its class, approximately 7000 tonnes. Diesel engines will pump out 70,000 KW of energy to give it speed boat capabilities. Due to the size of the yacht, 4 water jets will aid in the total displacement and navigation, which allows the Fortissimo to cruise at an average of 18 knots, and reaching up to 35 knots.

There is no doubt about the space on board the Fortissimo. A 48 person crew will handle the yacht’s operations and function. However, the Fortissimo has guest accommodation for 16 guests only, not including the owner. The yacht also has quite a number of tenders, including a 10.5 meter Limo, two 6.2 meter general purpose, and one 10.5 meter open tender. The 8 decks will host a number of luxurious amenities, with speculation including spas, luxury suites, private theatre and cinema, gym, lounge and dining space, and a bar, among others.

However, it is yet to be seen in waters, so complete details are not out yet. Although the launch of Fortissimo concept project is not surprising as the company enjoys success in building such things, for example the Blue Ribbon winner, the ‘Destriero’.
Fincantueri also announced another yacht which it named Virage 88, which is still in concept design stage. First look guarantees another futuristic design, but whether it will beat its sister yacht Fortissimo, is yet to be seen.

Source: Yacht forum press release

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