Spy Photos: BMW 3 series models interior leaked

BMW, one of the leading European car manufacturers, will be unveiling their brand new 3-series on October 14 this year. The new generation 3-series features many advanced technologies and will be officially showcased early next year at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. However many leaked images of the 3-series cars have been circulating on the internet before their official debut.

The BMW 328i sedan and 335i sedan are supposed to be the first two models that will hit the market. The 2013 BMW 328i will be offering an 8-speed ZF automatic adaptive transmission with sport and manual shift modes. Under the hood, the BMW 328i will be house a powerful 4-cylinder engine with a single twin-scroll turbocharger which is now standard in all new BMW cars. The turbocharged engine will produce an output of 240 horse power at 500 rpm and around 260 lb-ft of torque.

The Spy shots on the internet give a very interesting look at the lavish interior of the 3-series sedan models. The 3-series has borrowed some elements of design like the prominent LCD screen from the recently released F20 1 series hatchback and the 5-series cars. BMW has made effort to make the interior more comfortable for the driver. Many interior components are similar to 5-series sedan models especially the dashboard controls and gauges equipped with the Black Panel technology.

The BMW 3-series station wagon model will be released 8 months after the launch of the sedan models. It has been indicated that BMW will take two years to launch the 3-series Coupe and Convertible models.


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