Fisker Karma prices lowered

Fisker is inching closer to the financial abyss and so the prices for used Karmas have tumbled to less than $50,000 which is nearly half of what they originally sold for.

The news is all the more painful for some Fisker Karma owners as a handful of them were also early investors who had poured millions of dollars into the company. As dealer Bill Michlin explained that some investors are even dumping their cars because it reminds them that they have lost a hell of a lot of money by betting on Fisker.

Infact the situations are getting worse and even new Karmas are being discounted as Suburban Exotic Motor Cars of Michigan has about five models in stock that are priced between $89,900 and $94,900. While this is still relatively expensive, some of the cars originally had a retail price of $107,850.

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