The Ford Fiesta ST Is The Perfect Hot Hatchback For You

by SpeedLux

If you are looking to buy a high-powered, stylish, sporty, affordable car, then we have got the ride for you. We had the chance to review the Ford Fiesta ST, and we have to tell you if you purchase one of these classic machines you are in for a fantastic all around ride. Let’s jump right into examining some of the best features of the Ford Fiesta St.

The Price

We thought we would start off with what some of you are probably most interested in, the cost. Coming in at just over £18,000 bought new from TCH, the Ford Fiesta ST is a lot cheaper than some of its direct competition like the Mini Cooper. It is certainly affordable and adding a couple of hundred on to the sticker price will get you some awesome accessories that will add more power to the final product.

The Power

Speaking of power, the Ford Fiesta ST has got heaps of it. This magnificent beast will take from 0-60 faster than you would imagine with a time under seven seconds. You will certainly feel just how mighty this machine is as you take it around the first bend and hear the engine roar. That first delicious gleeful noise will make you want to push the car even harder as you test just how far it can take you. Do not worry about losing control because you are in fantastic hands. The ST is perfectly balanced, and you will never feel as though it is about to get away from you, like some other cars on the market.

The Style

For what it is, the ST is stunning with a sleek and smoothly curved body that looks modern and futuristic. The car also manages the impressive concept of looking small and compact, but having quite a lot of space once you are inside. Although it only has three doors, there is still more than enough room for anyone who might be travelling in the back. The seats, for the price, are quite luxurious and grip your body firmly so that whenever you are driving you will feel safe and secure. Again, if you want to make a bigger impression when driving around you can purchase the style pack for under three hundred pounds. This adds dark seventeen-inch alloys onto the wheels, but there is no need. With the large grill and sweeping headlights, the car looks phenomenal without them.

The Handling

You will not be taking many trips to the garage with this one because Ford is widely known for reliability. The Fiesta ST is no different to its brothers here but even if it does break down you can rest assured, knowing that a Ford garage is probably no more than an easy drive from your home.

If you are a parent, we are sure that your main concern is safety, and you will not be disappointed with this car. It has the standard number of airbags, and all the electrical equipment is tucked away from wandering little hands.

The Number One Choice

There really is no doubt about it. If you are looking for an affordable car with power that will take your whole family the Ford Fiesta ST is your number one choice.


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