Ford Promises European Customers Better Ride for the Mustang

The new Ford Mustang is already aggressive in its look and it boasts a powerful engine under the hood. Yet, it turns out that there is still room for improvements for the model. According to Ford, buyers of the Mustang will benefit from better comfort while they are driving the car at a low speed. Ford will be offering this new feature before the launch of the European Mustang model, which is due in 2015.

Just as a reminder, the new Ford Mustang is already a great car, receiving lots of positive feedbacks from customers and automotive experts as well as enthusiasts. These positive feedbacks are mainly related to the car’s performance as well as its very good handling when driven at a high speed. Unfortunately, however, the car does not do as well when it is driven at a low speed. As such, it is not really suitable for the roads in the UK. But now, things are about to change.

According to Raj Nair, the chief of global engineering at Ford, the American automaker is determined to tamper with the car’s low speed damping, regardless of the possible risk to come. Nair claims that by doing so, the American automaker may as well compromise the already superb handling of the present Mustang model. Nonetheless, Ford is set to commence such a test and the company is convinced that there should be quite a few things it can do to make things right.

For those interested in buying the upcoming Mustang model, the 6th generation model, the car will hit UK dealerships in June 2015. The Ford Mustang is actually a US car. However, taking all the fame and positive responses that the car has received over the years, Ford has decided to make the Mustang a model that will be available all around the world for the years to come.

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