Ferrari F50 Crashes in England

Only recently, a Ferrari F50 had to suffer from a pretty horrible fate, getting wrecked in the UK. The car crashed while going on a road in the vicinity of Brackley, England. According to reports that come from the local media, the person driving the F50 seemed to lose control of his car, eventually hitting a lamppost by the side of the road. The car, which is one of the special edition models that the Italian automaker has ever built, suffers from a very severe damage. Fortunately, nobody gets seriously injured, not even the driver of the ill-fated Ferrari himself and there is no other car involved in the incident.

It is estimated that the damage costs more than US$1.36 million in total and if the car happens to be irreparable, this will be a total shame. After all, there are only 349 examples of the Ferrari F50, making the model an even rarer item when compared to the LaFerrari and the Enzo, both of which are also special edition models.

Just for information, Ferrari introduced the F50 back in the year 1995 to succeed the F40. This car packs a furious 4.7L V12 engine, which was inspired by the engine the Italian automaker used during the F1 competition season of 1990. It is capable of delivering a total power output of 520 hp. This enables the F50 to go beyond 202 mph and it needs only 3.6 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph.

This incident involving the Ferrari F50 is very likely to be the costliest car crash incident in England ever since the incident suffered by Rowan Atkinson back in the year 2011. Back then, this phenomenal actor crashed his McLaren F1, which is also a very expensive car. As a matter of fact, the McLaren F1 is a legendary super sports car.

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