Nissan Prepping New GT-R for 2017

There have recently been reports that suggest Nissan is going to introduce the next-generation GT-R in 2016. This, however, has been denied by Shiro Nakamura, the chief creative officer (COO) at the Japanese automaker. As Nakamura reveals to the Autocar, a new model for the Nissan GT-R is not likely to come until at least three or even four years from now. That means that the new model will potentially arrive in 2017. However, Nakamura confirms that the company is currently working on drivetrain and chassis for the new model indeed. Design-wise, nothing is in the work.

For the next-generation Nissan GT-R model, Nakamura claims that the Japanese automaker will not be making any changes to the characteristics that are essential to the present GT-R model. In addition to that, Nissan will also potentially be offering a front engine configuration, a standard rear-wheel-drive (RWD) drivetrain and optional four-wheel-drive (4WD) drivetrain. Better yet, a hybrid powertrain is being considered as well. Nonetheless, Nakamura claims that this upcoming model will still have little to no similarities to the other lineups produced by the company, just like in the case of the current-generation GT-R.

For the design, Nakamura hints that the future GT-R model may borrow a huge part of the styling cues of the present model. This Nissan COO claims that the model should remain boxy looking, functional, brutal and not too elegant. Nakamura also adds that the future model of the GT-R will borrow some styling cues from the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept, a model that the Japanese automaker designs for the Gran Turismo 6 video game. Nissan introduced the real-life version of this concept at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed event.

There is one thing to keep in mind here, though. According to Nakamura, those who expect the production version of the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept are most likely to get disappointed. This is because the current GT-R model has lifespan of ten years and as such, the car should have another facelift version before it is completely redesigned.

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