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Nissan Datsun

Nissan ends production of Datsun brand for emerging markets

Nissan Motor put an end to the production of its Datsun brand vehicles for emerging markets due to poor sales, a source knowledgeable about the matter said last week.

The automaker revived the brand in 2014 under deposed CEO Carlos Ghosn with an eye on emerging markets and produced affordable vehicles in Indonesia, Russia, and India.

But Datsun vehicles saw poor sales in recent years that certainly forced the automaker to streamline its production by shutting factories in several countries.

The automaker finished manufacturing Datsun cars in India, the last country that produced the brand’s cars and will evaluate its lineup and concentrate its resources on electrification technologies.

The Datsun brand dates back to around the time when the automaker was founded.

It was discontinued in 2002 before it was revived by CEO Ghosn.

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