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Nissan Kyushu plant in Japan

Nissan reportedly cuts planned output by 30% as chip shortage continue

Nissan is cutting its planned worldwide production for October and November by 30%, as it continues to have a hard time with an ongoing shortage of semiconductors, the Nikkei business daily reported.

The automaker has informed suppliers that it is set to build a total of 583,000 cars during the two-month period, according to the Nikkei report, which did not mention how it obtained the information.

“We acknowledge that the semiconductor supply shortage is still in a difficult situation,” a spokesperson from Nissan said, but couldn’t elaborate on production cuts.

The chip shortage, which has hit automakers worldwide, emerges from a confluence of factors as automakers, which closed plants for two months during the coronavirus pandemic last year, rival against the sprawling consumer electronics industry for chip supplies. A factory fire suffered by Japanese chipmaker Renesas this year is also cited as a reason behind the chip shortage.

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