Franck Montagny Positively Uses Cocaine

by SpeedLux

It is no longer a strange thing to see that the athletes of the world are tested for use of drugs every now and then. Unfortunately, although some of these athletes may pass the drug tests successfully, some just cannot live to see another day of performing on the field of sport they are engaged in. This is just what happens to one of the world’s most skilled and popular racing driver, Franck Montagny. His drug test result suggests that Montagny positively uses some sorts of cocaine derivatives.

Needless to say, this is very unfortunate for the French racing driver. He is now most likely on the verge of the end of his racing career. Montagny, however, was a top prodigy when it came to endurance and formula racing competitions. He managed to finish on the podium for no less than four times while competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans event. In addition to that, the French racing driver also won no less than five American Le Mans Series competitions, including winning the Petit Le Mans three times. He also managed to secure a number of titles in the event that would eventually be known as Renault’s World Series competition. Most recently, Franck Montagny was also involved in the Formula E competitions.

Unfortunately, during the Formula E competitions, things start falling apart for the French driver in question. As reported by the L’Equipe, a sports newspaper from France, Montagny did not pass his drug test that was carried out in Malaysia on November 22, 2014. The test was carried out after the second Formula E race came to an end. Montagny also reportedly refuses to deal with his test results, which is a very good indication that his racing career is actually over now.

Sure, final confirmation is still on the way, but Montagny has been suspended from racing all the same. In the meantime, the Andretti Autosport team, citing undisclosed health results, decides to put Matthew Brabham in place of Franck Montagny. After all, the team has to move on and compete in the last racing session of the Formula E competition in Uruguay, with or without Montagny.

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