What Does The Future Of Cars Look Like?

by SpeedLux
if car could fly

It’s always interesting to think of the future. Our grandparents definitely would have wondered what this would be like in this day and age. They probably imagined we’d all have flying cars by now, but alas, we don’t. Does this mean we could see flying cars in our lifetime instead? Maybe you’ve been watching too much Back To The Future, or maybe you’re actually on to something. Let’s take a look at what the future of cars could look like!

Retractable Steering Wheels For Hands Free Driving

Every manufacturer is putting money towards this kind of car, as hands free driving is big news.

The roads should be filled with cars driving automatically while the drivers relax in just a few decades. Some may have the ability to allow the driver to drive manually, but the idea is that the driver can relax while they get to their destination. This means cars should have far more entertainment options too.

Intelligent Windscreens

A bit like augmented reality, the windscreen will display relevant information to the driver.

They could potentially take care of the on board functions too. You’ll be able to see intelligent information regarding nearby areas and buildings, as well as pedestrians and parking.


Talking Cars

The talking cars in the future can tell pedestrians that they can cross the road, rather than you signaling with your lights.  


Cars That Could Be Your Personal Assistant

In the future, your car could be your very own personal assistant. It will know what kind of music you want, and be reactive and predictive to your needs. You’ll barely have to do anything as your car will do it all for you.

Less Accidents On The Road And Less Repairs

Less accidents and regular auto repair might just become a thing of the past. Not only will a car be able to communicate with you and pedestrians, they should be able to communicate with one another in a bid to stop accidents altogether. You may still need to take your car into the garage to have things fixed, but it’s likely that these problems will be less mechanical and more techy. When humans aren’t really in charge of the changing speeds and the way the car is on the road, you can expect repairs to reduce dramatically. Cars usually need repairs due to the way it has been driven in the past. This won’t be an issue when a car is driving itself!  


Will Cars Ever Fly?

The future will likely have flying cars, but not as you picture them in your head now (or how you remember them from movie scenes). Instead of literally being a car that soars through the air, it could look more like a drone. It’ll probably have wings too. This might seem disappointing to some of you, but it’s still pretty cool. We could expect to see these drones in the next 10 years. However, don’t get too excited – people were told to expect flying cars in 20 years in 1924. Just wait and see!  

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