General Motors and Ford condemn George Floyd death, racism

Ford and General Motors

General Motors and Ford Motor condemned racial inequality in the United States after the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, allegedly at the hands of police in Minneapolis last week.

In a letter to workers, GM CEO Mary Barra wrote she was “impatient and disgusted” after the death of Floyd and emphasized the importance to “individually and collectively” drive change.

The automaker shared Barra’s letter, sent to its staff, with thousands of dealers and suppliers.

Barra also added she was commissioning an inclusion advisory board at the company.

U.S. companies such as Intel, Netflix, Nike and Facebook, have taken a stand against Floyd’s death by voicing concerns about discrimination against African-Americans.

Ford’s executive chairman, Bill Ford, and CEO Jim Hackett have written a joint statement letter to workers addressing the “tragic killing of George Floyd” and America’s “systemic racism.”

“And while we would like to say that racism has no place in our society, we know that systemic racism still exists despite the progress that has been made. We cannot turn a blind eye to it or accept some sense of order that’s based on oppression,” the letter noted.

Floyd’s death has caused outrage throughout the United States on the treatment of African-Americans by officials, polarizing the nation politically and racially.

Both GM and Ford employ thousands of workers and say they have a diverse and an inclusive workforce.

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