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General Motors to launch 10 electric vehicles in South Korea by 2025

General Motors will launch 10 electric vehicles (EVs) in South Korea by 2025, but has no preparations as of yet to manufacture EVs in the country, Steven Kiefer, the head of GM’s international operations said on Friday.

Kiefer’s visit after a Korean labor union delegation went to Detroit in June provided some basis to speculation in local media that he could make the announcement of new EV production plans.

“We are not announcing any plans yet to produce electric vehicles in the country, so stay tuned for that,” Kiefer told a media briefing.

GM’s unit in South Korea builds about 600,000 vehicles annually, many of which are shipped to the United States including the Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV. The unit has hired about 12,000 people. It reported an operating loss of 309 billion won ($261 million) in 2020.

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