General Motors Lowers Free Trial Period For OnStar On New Vehicles

OnStar logo, General Motors

Upon buying a brand-new General Motors automobile, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac or GMC, clients have always been treated to six months of the car manufacturer’s extensive suite of OnStar services. But not anymore.

General Motors has slashed the free trial duration from 6 months to just 3 months. The publication discovered the modification in the free trial duration while looking into Chevrolet vehicles on the brand’s official website. General Motors did not reveal the modification to the free trial duration.

As specified, the trial period covered the Guidance and 4G LTE Wi-Fi strategies. However, in a statement, automaker stated consumers will still immediately be enrolled into the OnStar basic plan for 5 years even if the trial period is not renewed for extra services.

“Beginning in January, the OnStar Guidance Plan trial changed from six months to three months for Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles in the U.S. This change aligns the OnStar Guidance Plan and 4G LTE data plan trials at three months, and customers will continue to receive five years of the OnStar Basic Plan standard with all new vehicle purchases regardless of whether they continue subscription coverage after the trial,” according to the statement.

Furthermore, Phil Colley, OnStar communications manager has mentioned, “Our internal client research shows engagement with the OnStar services free trial peaks in the first three months of the trial period, and we’re adjusting and simplifying as we continue to develop the broad range of OnStar service offerings for our clients.”

The Guidance plan’s cost for reinstatement is valued at $34.99 monthly, or $349.99 annually, while a lower package providing only the most important safety functions is valued at $19.99 monthly, or $199.99 annually.

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