GM’s American vehicle production could see impact from coronavirus from this month, says CEO

General Motors

General Motors’ North American vehicle production could be affected with the coronavirus epidemic as early as this month, said CEO Mary Barra.

The automaker’s Chairman and CEO Mary Barra stated on Wednesday that the automaker has enough components to continue production uninterrupted “deep into this month”.

Barra says that task force of workers is continuing to monitor the coronavirus epidemic and make contingency plans in an attempt to decrease or eliminate production disruptions. She referred to the situation as “rapidly evolving”.

“We’re covered quite far into this month and every day they make that better, but it depends what happens in the world,” Barra informed reporters during an “EV Day” for the automaker. “The team will just keep adjusting.”

None of employees in the automaker have contracted the coronavirus, according to Barra. Ford Motor confirmed last week that two of its workers in China tested positive for the disease.

General Motors remains only Detroit automaker to not yet ban nonessential domestic travel for workers in the U.S. It has restricted travel to South Korea, Italy and Japan along with China, and any non-domestic trips also need the approval of senior leadership.

Both Ford and Fiat Chrysler this week verified that they are restricting all nonessential international and domestic business travel for workers due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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