Great commercial! Mercedes SLS AMG drives upside down in a tunnel

There are few manufactures that claim their cars(Gumpert Apollo, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo) can drive upside down, but no one has never really done it. In theory it surely is possible with the right speed and downforce.

Here we have Mercedes-Benz with their 571 horsepower SLS AMG gullwing supercar showing us that this can be done! Well don’t take it too seriously as this is just a commercial and surely what you see is fake, but still one of the best commercials we have seen from the Daimler marketing department.

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  1. […] a Toyota Prius or a Smart Car ! You can't do it with a Mercedes either, good ad but a phony.…n-in-a-tunnel/ Cheers ! 2004 Coupe Black/dark slate gray, 6 speed, stock. Last edited by […]

  2. I don’t know if it is fake or not… but food for thought, they did essentially the same stunt years ago in a bond film with a friggin AMC Hornet. The jump from ramp to ramp over a
    river barrel rolling the car in the middle of the jump.
    With unlimited money, computer power, and horse power, I think it is possible.

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