Holden Commodore & Ute Storm editions unveiled

Even though there are less new models with Holden, they are now improving their current models to match with the current day requirements. To make it to this manner, what they have done is that they have added many cool features in the already existing Holden commodore and SV6 models. To make it storming into the market, they have rightly named them as storm at the end as Holden commodore SS storm and Holden commodore SV6 storm. To tweak the driving experience on road, they have improved several features, where the GPS based navigation system is considered to be the most impressive one according to users.

The distinctive look of the storm models is the fog lights that automatically lights up in the event of fog detected in the driving path. As of now, the storm variants are available in market only with the petrol engines. Many people want these cars to be powered by natural gas. It is under designing which will be brought up to production line depending on response for storm in market. SS model is given a slight edge both in terms of design and pricing with improved chrome plate in the front side of car.

Have a look at picture gallery.

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