This Honda Civic Is Pushed 100 Meters by a Lorry Truck in This Crash [Video]

by SpeedLux

It seems that some people in the world simply do not deserve earning their driving license. Believe it or not, some of them still do not even understand how to calculate the spaces required for taking over another car, especially when that car is a lorry truck. Only recently, on a motorway known as the M25 in the United Kingdom, a Honda Civic got involved in a bizarre car crash incident, which happened to be recorded by the camera installed on the cab of the lorry truck.

From the video, it can be seen that the driver of the Honda Civic was actually trying to take over the lorry truck just a moment earlier prior to the incident. Unfortunately, however, the Civic driver did not seem to understand that there was not enough space for him, or her, to pull off the maneuver he was intending to pull off. As a result, the Civic in question got hit by the lorry truck on the side and the hatchback even got pushed as far as 100 meters. The hatchback driver might not realize that the lorry truck he was trying to take over had a very wide bumper on its front. Amazingly enough, however, the driver of that Honda Civic in the video did not seem to panic because he did not make any sudden reactions such as suddenly swerving his car to the side or suddenly slamming the brake pedal. This effectively reduced the impact of an otherwise very horrible accident.

From the video footage recorded by the camera on the lorry truck, it can be seen that the incident happened when the lorry truck was moving at the speed of approximately 81 kmph and it was not until 100 feet away before the truck could come to a halt. Well, it’s true that the incident only lasted for a very short while, several seconds at most, but that must have been the most terrifying seconds the Honda Civic driver has ever experienced, well, so far at least. For your information, the Civic involved in this rather bizarre car crash is a previous generation European model whose production ceased back in 2011. The car was assembled in a Swindon factory that belongs to Honda.

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