How Does an Automotive Lip Kit Affect Car Performance?

by SpeedLux

How Does an Automotive Lip Kit Affect Car Performance?

At first glance, a high-quality automotive lip kit may seem like just an upgrade in style. But, a new lip kit for your vehicle does more than just turn heads.


Behind the sharp looks of an aftermarket lip kit are some important, hidden performance features that can help anyone’s driving: improved aerodynamics, better fuel economy, and better handling.

Improved Aerodynamics

The most obvious aspect of installing an automotive lip kit is improved aerodynamics. Your car looks sleeker and speedier than it did before. But the benefits don’t stop there. Making your vehicle more aerodynamic also improves handling.

When properly installed, the lip kit decreases airflow beneath your vehicle, which helps the car get a tighter hug on any road’s surface, especially when traveling at high speed.

Better Fuel Economy

Some people automatically assume that a car with sporty, aftermarket performance parts gets poor gas mileage. After all, what’s the fun of driving a souped up sports car while keeping a careful eye on the fuel gauge?

While it’s common for sports cars to be driven more aggressively by enthusiastic drivers. On a daily basis, some performance vehicles can get from point A to point B with more fuel efficiency than previously thought.

Since a car’s aerodynamics and fuel use are directly related, the smoother the car’s aerodynamics, the less inertia it experiences from the air it pushes through while driving. This translates into better fuel economy not just for sports models, but for any model that has an automotive lip kit installed.

If you’re a driver who likes to purchase aftermarket auto parts that do more than boost driving power and improve  your car’s looks, consider implementing a front lip spoiler. It could help your vehicle save gas in the long run.     

Better Handling

We associate “good handling” with sports cars that take hairpin turns without careening off of the road, but the reality is every car “handles” in some way — and the better it handles, the less likely it is to have an accident related to poor maneuvering.

Installing an automotive lip kit alone won’t give a standard, factory built car the handling of a custom racing vehicle, but the improvement can be an added safety feature that will allow your car to better navigate curves, which are some of the most common sites for accidents.   

Additionally, an automotive lip kit helps reduce the wind tunnel underneath your car as you travel, which helps the vehicle achieve a tight “hug” on a curve while rounding it. A front lip kit won’t give your car the turn capability of a Porsche, but it can make a noticeable difference in your daily driving path — a difference that can help you arrive at your destination faster and safe.

Is an Automotive Lip Kit Right for You?  

A high-quality lip kit can do more than give your car a sportier look; it can also help improve the vehicle’s performance from smoother aerodynamics, more efficient fuel economy, and better handling.

Author Bio: Andrew Hoffman is an experienced car tuner who has a passion for pointing out the practical benefits of special car tune-ups, like the kind from All-Fit Automotive.

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