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Insane 1120 horsepower 9ff GT9-R revealed!

9ff GT9-R

9ff, just like Ruf, is one of those brands that take the performance of a Porsche to another level!

And their efforts can be seen written all over the new 9ff GT9-R. Based on the Porsche 911 GT3, it is lower, longer and the engine sits in the middle not on the rear.

This machine is capable of churning out an unreal 1120 horsepower from its impressive and extensively modified 4 liter, 6-pot motor! And, that translates into performance figures that can be matched only by a Bugatti Veyron EB16:4 and the American made SSC Ultimate Aero TT.

Let’s give you some figures – 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. 0-300 km/h in 15.8 seconds. Top speed is 414 km/h.

If accurate enough, this car can smash the Veyron’s old record and the Aero TT’s record of 412.28 km/h (256.2 mph) although Keating’s Barabus TKR has posted an unofficial record (418.6 km/h – 260.1 mph). The TKR seems to be the only real threat to the 9ff GT9-R at the moment. Only time will tell!

The GT9-R is available in different states of tune as well. There is a 987 hp version that’s meant for the track in case someone decides to challenge the various records set around the Nurburgring! There is a 750 hp version as well for the not-so hairy chested breed. Don’t be fooled though, it can still clock a 20 second time to 300 from 0!

The loony engines are mated to ‘boxes that are modified to handle the insane levels of power. There is a 6-speed manual or a sequential gearbox on offer. The 5-speed Tiptronic ‘box is an option (!) on the 750 hp variant.

Although there are 20 being built, no two GT9-Rs will be identical! 9ff offers high levels of customization in the form of several aero-kits for the GT9-R so that owners are ensured exclusivity!

There is no word on the pricing yet, but rest assured, even selling one’s vital organs wouldn’t help!

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