900hp Porsche 996 By 9ff Show Its Muscles at Autobahn [Video]

Known for its radical versions of Porsche street cars, the German tuning company 9ff specializes in Porsche performance and high-speed upgrades decided to show us one of their upgraded street cars in this video.

The video features a 9ff based on the Porsche 996 and although not many details regarding this car are known, is becomes clear that this engine provides an output measuring a whopping 900 horsepower. The German tuning company took the car for a test drive on the Autobahn 542 near Düsseldorf and Cologne where it hits a top speed of 340km/h.

As a reminder, the tuner claims that this car develops 900 hp (662 kW) at 7,400 rev / min and 950 Nm at 4,500 rev / min. In addition to that, it come with:

– 9ff forged aluminum pistons with compression 8,2:1                
– 9ff titanium connecting rods long version
– 9ff modified crankshaft with counterweights for high speed
– Pinned and reinforced engine block
– New reinforced connecting rod bearings
– Cylinder heads with 9ff processing
– 4 “sharp” for Porsche 9ff Camshafts “VarioCamPlus”
– 24 9ff valve springs with reinforced plates
– 9ff timing of the camshaft
– Porsche 959 timing chain for greater speed stability
– Changed the timing chain guide rails for more speed strength
– 9ff aluminum intake manifold with tuned pipe
– 76mm throttle
– Larger injectors Siemens
– 9ff fuel system wiring harness
– Additional Motorsport Fuel pump controlled by pressure switch
– Amended Fuel Pressure Regulator
– 2x Garrett GT3076R Turbocharger
– Ball-bearing turbocharger and water-cooled
– Turbocharged V-band mount for better pressure tightness
– Revised turbocharger suspension for another position
– 9ff Teflon tubing kit for turbo oil-water supply
– New turbo oil catch tank with cable set
– 2x Tial external waste gate
– Waste-gate with V-belt attachment for better pressure tightness
– 9ff Headers Stainless Steel
– 9ff exhaust valves “loud / soft” polished stainless steel
– 9ff four tailpipes Diameter 80 / 70mm polished stainless steel
– 2x 100cell metal catalysts Motorsport
– Turbocharger intake pipes with hose kit and stainless steel collectors
– 9ff aluminum charge air cooler kit 130mm
– 9ff engine control device programming with 2 boost programs
– New HFM
– Enlarged HFM system for 100mm air mass measurement
– Changed air filter box
– 60mm stainless steel Y-pipe pressure
– NGK Spark Plugs Special with special heat value
– Increased coupling with organic coating
– Castrol RS 10W-60 motor oil
– Seal Kit
– BMC Air Filter
– 9ff “RamAir” boot lid painted intake

Source: 9ff via GTspirit

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