Jaguar F-Type Sportbrake rendered

The Jaguar F-Type model has been turned into a Sportbrake through some mind blowing digital manipulation by one of the fans in most certain scenarios though there is no official confirmation of the same available as of now on it.

The shooting brake body style is increasingly becoming popular and so it has been changed to keep up with the changing style preferences and it brings more practicality without compromising much on looks. As mentioned earlier there is no official confirmation as to who has rendered this picture though there are speculations that it may have come from the company itself while some are saying it is just a work of a F-Type fan.

Infact no official of Jaquar as currently confirmed about the development of a shooting brake variant of the F-Type but there is a report which indicates that during F-Type’s official launch in Spain an engineer from the British marque hinted at possibility of developing such a version.

Not much details is available presently about the concept and the model but one thing is for sure that a hotter F-Type version will be out probably in the year 2016 with will have an output of around 600 bhp (447 kW).

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