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The Jaguar I-PACE – the world’s first premium all-electric performance SUV – now comes with a new fast, intuitive infotainment system, and quicker charging capability, which in turn makes driving an electric vehicle easier than before.

Since its debut the I-PACE has won over 80 global awards, including 2019 World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year and World Green Car, reinforcing its status as the automaker which tore up the rule book to become the first and one of the best electric car of its kind.

With two Jaguar-designed electric motors at each axle, producing an exceptional combined performance of 400PS and 696Nm, aluminium construction and a low centre of gravity, the I-PACE provides an unrivalled balance of all-wheel drive efficiency, refinement, luxury and agility – along with outstanding real-world range and day-to-day usability.

The Jaguar I-PACE now delivers even more technology to make living the electric life easier and more rewarding than before. This is the first Jaguar to include the new Pivi Pro infotainment system. As intuitive to use as a smartphone, Pivi Pro is fast and responsive with improved EV navigation that can show you if closeby charging stations are available or in use, what they cost, and how quickly it will take to charge.

I-PACE now comes with an 11kW on-board charger as standard, permitting consumers with access to three-phase electricity supplies to take benefit of significantly faster charging: when connected to an 11kW wall box 33 miles of range (WLTP) per hour can be attained, while a full charge from empty now takes just 8.6 hours – ideal for overnight charging at home. Consumers using 7kW wallboxes also get an advantage from competitive charging capability – up to 22 miles of charge per hour, with a complete charge taking 12.75 hours.  When charging ‘on the go’, a 50kW charger will bring up to 39 miles in 15 minutes, while a 100kW charger will add up to 78 miles over the same duration.

With a focus on air quality, occupant well-being is prioritized, with cabin air ionization now having PM2.5 filtration to capture ultrafine airborne particles and allergens. The I-PACE can even filter its cabin air prior to beginning of a journey.

The exterior design is improved with a new Atlas Grey grille tip finish and consumers benefit from an enhanced paint palette, a new range of wheels, and a luxurious new Bright Pack option, available on every model in the I-PACE range.

“When we developed the I-PACE we wanted it to be the world’s most desirable electric vehicle and to show what happens when Jaguar goes electric. I think we’ve achieved those ambitious goals, and now we’ve made it even better with a new infotainment system, three-phase charging and technology that benefits driver and passengers alike,” said Alan Volkaerts, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar I-PACE.

“We’ve also subtly improved the design with an Atlas Grey finish to the grille mesh and with the new Bright Pack option. I-PACE was the first premium all-electric performance SUV: every change we’ve made ensures that it’s still the benchmark in its class.”

The new Pivi Pro infotainment system provides an idea about the I-PACE’s spacious, luxurious interior. The 12.3-inch high-definition virtual instrument cluster, 10-inch, and 5-inch upper and lower touchscreens and multi-function, haptic rotary controllers are matched to crisp, clean, contemporary graphics for engaging, intuitive user experience.

Drawing inspiration from smartphones, Pivi Pro is easy to use, while its powerful processor and ‘fast start-up’ makes sure that the system is ready to go by the time you’re in the driving seat. Supported by a built-in back-up battery, navigation initialization takes only a few seconds.

The new and intuitive flat menu structure makes navigating the system easier with the features and functions you use in general are accessible via the home screen with just a click. The redesigned navigation system decreases the number of steps needed to set a destination by half and customers are now able to pan and zoom in and out of the map with a pinch of the fingers, just like it is done with a smartphone.

I-PACE is now available with an additional wireless device charging pad beneath the ‘floating’ center console. Wireless charging also consists of signal boosting, ensuring the phone’s signal stays stronger for longer. A Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay® is standard, as is Bluetooth technology which can pair two phones simultaneously ensuring you will remain always connected. The Smartphone Pack also includes Android Auto™ as standard.

Customers need no longer to be worried about data usage or purchasing a SIM, as the I-PACE comes with a dual modem embedded SIM (eSIM) and a complimentary 4G data plan which allows unlimited music streaming via Spotify, Deezer or Tunin and map, weather, calendar and traffic updates simultaneously.

The new Pivi Pro infotainment system will help to get consumers where they want to go in less time and with less effort. The navigation uses self-learning algorithms to optimize routing, voice guidance even aware that it should remain quiet when the driver is traveling through areas he knows and maps will always be up to date because of software-over-the-air (SOTA) functionality.

“The Pivi Pro infotainment system makes it easy to use public charging networks. Together with showing where charging stations are it can also tell you if they’re available, what they cost to use, and an estimate of charging time. We know that most customers charge their I-PACE at home but we wanted to make charging on the go just as simple – and our new infotainment system makes that possible,” said Stephen Boulter, Vehicle Engineering Manager, Jaguar I-PACE.

Simplifying the process still further is Pivi Pro’s ability to automatically include charging stations to the route if needed. The system will select the optimum chargers to minimize total journey duration. On long drives, Pivi Pro can also show the predicted charge level on arrival at each waypoint.

The I-PACE has been designed to keep the driver and passengers and was awarded the maximum five-star EuroNCAP rating.

State-of-the-art digital technology further assists drivers and road users. Visibility is increasingly enhanced with the inclusion of a 3D Surround Camera system as standard which gives a 360-degree digital plan view of the surrounding area and potential hazards, visible through the central touchscreen.

Inside the cabin, the ClearSight rear-view mirror improves vision and convenience by making sure that the driver always has an unobstructed view of the road behind, even with three people in the back seat or with the 656-liter luggage compartment loaded up to the roof.

ClearSight uses a wide-angle, rear-facing camera associated to a high-resolution screen within the frameless glass mirror. A small toggle switch on the mirror permits the driver to switch seamlessly between the view from the standard mirror and the camera feed.

Neatly integrated within the roof-mounted antenna module, the high-definition camera works in every condition, including low ambient light, while a protective lip and hydrophobic coating help to repel water and make sure that the camera lens remains clean.

Complementing the new Atlas Grey grille tip finish is the new Bright Pack option, and can be seen on all models in the I-PACE range. The Bright Pack underlines I-PACE’s breath-taking design with a Noble Chrome grille surround, Atlas Grey door mirror caps, Satin Chrome window surrounds, and Atlas Grey for the rear diffuser. The contemporary Black Pack option is improved with the application of the gloss black finish to the rear badges.

A refreshed paint palette now showcases colors such as Caldera Red, Portofino Blue, and Eiger Grey. There’s also a wider choice of wheels, with a new 19-inch design being provided for the first time on I-PACE, and replacing 18-inch wheels as standard equipment on S models.

Inside, consumers can now benefit from the option of an improved Meridian 3D Surround Sound System with TrifieldTM technology. The system features two extra speakers in the cabin headliner, indicating that the 16 speaker and one subwoofer arrangement provides an exceptional experience for all passengers.

The Jaguar I-PACE has been designed to make sure that every step of the customer journey provides peace of mind and makes ownership of an electric car as smooth as possible.

  • With a range of up to 292 miles (WLTP) from its 90kWh battery, customers with an average daily commute would only require to charge their I-PACE once a week.
  • I-PACE is offered with an 8 year or 100,000-mile battery warranty.
  • A range calculation tool on makes it easy to observe how factors such as vehicle speed, ambient temperature, and climate control settings can impact the real-world range you could expect to achieve.
  • Jaguar has developed the iGuide app making it easy to find and understand the major features and controls of your Jaguar I‑PACE. It also doubles as your mobile owner’s manual, ensuring the answer to any question about charging is at your fingertips.
  • For queries ‘on the go’ I-PACE customers can also get help 24/7 from the I-Assistance service – at the touch of a button, they will be connected directly to an expert to answer any queries about the vehicle.
  • Every home charging point from Jaguar’s recommended partners comes smart enabled, meaning you can conveniently activate and deactivate you charging progress straight from your smartphone.
  • When charging in public places the I-PACE’s charging cable locks into place once the car is locked, and cannot be disconnected until the vehicle is unlocked, giving you the freedom to go about your day while the vehicle charges up.
  • The Jaguar I-PACE has an Eco Mode which helps preserve range by decreasing energy depletion and supporting a more effective driving style. It also makes subtle modifications to cabin temperature, air recirculation, and to a number of the car’s other features. You can override these changes by the normal operation of every feature or through the menu settings.
  • The I-PACE is geared up with Software over the Air (SOTA) functionality. This means Systems including infotainment, battery management, and charging can be updated remotely and allow the I-PACE to continuously improve over time.

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