Jaguar Land Rover chief executive says European customers are boycotting British cars

Jaguar Land Rover

Europeans are boycotting British vehicles since the Brexit vote, as per in charge of the nation’s greatest auto firm, Jaguar Land Rover. Dr Ralf Speth, chief executive of JLR, likewise joined senior figures at rival companies in warning that a hard Brexit would harm the automobile industry, which supports about 800,000 jobs.

Addressing at the Paris Motor Show, Speth said JLR’s European sales team have reported clients turning their noses up at British cars after the vote to leave the EU. “They have the first customers in their display rooms [who] clearly emphasize that they don’t wish to purchase British products any more,” he informed.

However he alerted that the vehicle industry would feel the pinch much more in case of a hard Brexit that leads to tariffs being slapped on to goods traded with the EU. He stated automakers would face a double whammy as import tariffs force up the expense of the parts they purchase from Europeans and greater export tariffs make JLR lorries less budget friendly for Europeans. “If we face higher tariffs than anyone else, then it’s rather clear that it’s decreasing the competitiveness of our items, especially in Europe,” said Speth.

He stated the specific cost to JLR could not be determined, although reports this summer suggest that the firm thinks it would lose out on ₤1 billion ($1.30 billion) in revenue over 10 years if UK items incur tariffs at the World Trade Organisation rate of 10%.

The SMMT likewise got in touch with the government to do something to prevent an exodus of the UK’s mostly foreign-owned automobile companies. SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes stated: “The government should do all it can to preserve the competitiveness of the UK automobile sector, which has been extremely successful in enhancing exports, creating jobs and generating economic development in the last few years.”

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