Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6 Diesel S Premium Luxury: The Love Boat

by Sweta

Jaguar and the Modern

Granted, elegant looks, the big cat any more. With the open mouth, the eyes narrowed and the rising side of the XJ line sets up a massive appearance. Especially the bit clumsy with the high rear edge traditionalists still distraught. But with the Jaguar XJ in 2009 had to reinvent – and we succeeded. In addition, one should not forget what the acronym stood at the first model in 1968: Experimental Jaguar. In this respect also the one-and-bred New XJ.

And pleasant place

But now even the biggest fan will not stand for hours in front of his car and let the eyes wander tested. We would rather fall into the comfortable leather seats and admire the view of our modern, yet elegant cockpit. Round with walnut wood and leather lined feels like a cloud: The Jaguars still exudes the scent of luxury. And thanks as standard panoramic glass roof is much desired light into the interior.

Good heating

After starting the engine at the start button wakes up the three-liter diesel to life and can not be suppressed, at least at low temperatures, a nail. For the intelligent climate control is now on the front and rear window defroster. And after a few meters trip, it is nice and warm inside – also there is on all four seats, heated seats.

Tact is called for in the Jaguar

The cockpit has a blue shimmering display in which all information is displayed digitally. Black Panel technology is not uncommon in the upper class, but there would be little chrome trim attached. All important features of climate, navigation and radio / CD can be a touch screen on the eight-inch display control on the center console – it works very well after a short familiarization. However, the use of navigation devices while driving is not advisable, because it distracts from strong typing. Also the lights on the ceiling can be touch-sensitive control – a short press, and the light shines. Also works the glove compartment on a finger tip.

Technical Data Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6 Diesel S


V6 twin-turbo diesel


2993 cc


275 hp


600 Nm

0 – 100 km / h

6.4 s

Top speed

250 km / h

Consumption / consumption test

7,0 / 7,5 l

Price from

€ 79,750

Glide is the discipline of the XJ

The 5.12 meter long luxury liner carries quite sporty genes, is still and will remain the slide but the best discipline of the XJ. Once under way, we hear from the 275-hp diesel engine barely a whisper that builds to a dark growl when the accelerator pedal by pressing on. The British cat can come up with an amazing lightness and can also be dynamically and precisely measure exactly by curves. At higher speeds, the adaptive suspension prevents a button with the key body Dynamic fluctuations. But beware: If the cat begins to wet quickly, to strike with the tail – the ESP has some trouble way toward the 600 Newton meters at the rear wheels.

Arrive relaxed

In normal driving mode to let the soft gear change of the six-speed automatic gearbox still just an idea. So you glide through the city, the country or on the highway and enjoys the wonderful peace and serenity that radiates the big cat. If that’s too quiet, the excellent sound system from Bowers & Wilkins turn up and enjoy the rich sound of crystal. Even after several hours’ drive from relaxed to increase the XJ. And the rear camera makes parking basemaps.

Easy and economical luxury cat

A look at the fuel gauge does not get nervous: In the section of XJ came with 7.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. For a strong upper-class car is a good value – and that without the new eight-speed automatic or a stop-start system. Thanks to its aluminum body of the Jaguar is also slightly under 1.8 tons – drag the opponent from Germany like Mercedes and BMW about 200 kilograms more weight can keep up with them, only the Audi A8 aluminum space frame, thanks.

Insufficient assistance systems for the upper class

Which brings us to the things that are missing in the Jaguar still, space, comfort and performance are plentiful. But for the safety-conscious and technology-loving German car buyers are Blind Spot Assist, rearview camera Cruise control with distance control and too little. Fatigue Warner, lane departure warning or night vision goggles do not exist. Who can do without it receives, from 80.000 € a luxurious and individual luxury cars. The sensational design of the XJ but had to be paid tribute: A vandal scratched the trunk lid.

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