Kahn Design Land Rover RS300 Cosworth – Photos and Info

To celebrate their name change, Kahn Design (previously known as Project Kahn) released a new tune of the Land Rover RS300 Cosworth.

The Kahn Design team hasn’t changed much under the hood. Nevertheless, they did install a new exhaust system (which seems futile, as the previous one did its job well). The engine is a bit enhanced, featuring an alternation of supercharger and ECU Programming.  Other changes are merely cosmetic.

The factory version of the RS300 Cosworth comes with Heated Seats, Central Cooled Glove box, Rear View Camera, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Power Folding Mirrors, HDD touch Screen Satellite Navigation, Harman Kardon Surround Sound and iPod compatibility. Kahn Design added new front and rear, wide vented wheel arches with integrated LED’s. The wheels are 22-inchers, and Kahn Design’s tune features Kahn’s special customizable RS wheels. Along with the new available colors, and other minor features on the inside, these changes make the Kahn Design’s package for the Cosworth.

The engine is a 3-liter Diesel V6, but an eight-cylinder would have been a lot better for this car.

The question is: are the $30,000 extra really worth it? The changes that are brought to this car are not sufficient, in my opinion, to make me pay 50 percent more than the factory version. In other words, Kahn Design’s Land Rover RS300 Cosworth will cost around $90,000.

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