Kia owner’s car caught fire without being in wreck

Kia Optima

Kia owner said his 2015 Kia Optima caught fire without being in a wreck.

Lamar McLaughlin said he bought the car used, took it home the next day and had it home an entire hour.

“Backed it in my driveway, sitting in it, loving it, can’t wait to clean it up,” stated McLaughlin. “Didn’t smell nothing, didn’t feel nothing. Nothing was overheating. I got out (of the) car, went in my house.”

“And my phone ring(s). I don’t know who it is. I answer the phone. ‘Hey, your car (is) on fire!’ I run downstairs, drop the phone, run downstairs, the car’s literally on fire,” he stated. “It needs to be some type of justice because I didn’t even have a fair chance.”

Kia informed that it hired an inspector to discover what resulted in the fire but is still waiting for the report.

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