Koenigsegg to Develop New Engine without Camshaft

by SpeedLux

It was only a few days ago that the luxury Swedish sports car maker, Koenigsegg, launched the Regera megacar. Yet, not long after that, reports came up indicating that the company was planning to build a new model that would have four doors in total, instead of two doors like what we could usually find on a Koenigsegg model. Now, another report has come up and this time, the company is indicated to be prepping a new engine that will be used on the company’s upcoming 4-door model, which is slated for some five years from today. What is interesting about this new engine is that it is going to have no camshaft at all!

It turns out, as pointed out by TopGear, the engine has actually been in the work for over ten years. In fact, the boss at the company, Christian von Koenigsegg, has actually come up with the idea ever since fourteen years ago. The guy also claims that it will take the company just a couple more years to finally get the engine ready.

Christian seems to believe that engine and valves alone can already deliver high performance desired by the driver of a car. He illustrates the engine of the vehicle as a piano and the valves as the keys of the piano. Yet, as for the camshaft, it is simply a broomstick and this means that it can be totally omitted from the equation.

In addition to that, Christian also points out that we can do better by shutting off two valves, to begin with. Then, he also states that the throttle body is actually not necessary because the throttling task can also be accomplished using the valves. In fact, he believes that this will give the driver a response that is even better when compared to butterflies on an intake tract. Turning off the cylinders completely is also possible and to be honest, that is just what Audi has decided to do with its modern day vehicle lineups. Lastly, Christian also claims that this enables driver to choose what kind of valve timing to use because there is no camshaft restriction whatsoever. The driver of a car can get, say, F1-like characteristics or diesel-like characteristics for their car with the absence of the camshaft.

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