Land Rover Defender Replacement Delayed to 2018 or 2019

A recent report from British Autocar has reported that we will not be seeing long awaited Land Rover Defender Replacement prior to 2018 or 2019.

It’s definitely been a difficult gestation. Land Rover initially revealed a future Defender concept, the DC100, as far back as 2011. It didn’t get the hottest of receptions, however at that time reporters were informed that the strategy was, in standard car-launch fashion, to present the brand-new design as the old one retired.

That absolutely will not be taking place; bad crucial reaction to the DC100 idea has actually supposedly resulted in a nearly overall redesign, and although it’s thought that the design of the brand-new design has been virtually completed. It is further reported that dispute is still continuous about where the car will be produced and the number of variations will be made. It’s possible it will be made in JLR’s brand-new factory in Slovakia, and even at another non-British website such as the Magna Styr plant in Austria.

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