Lexus execs hint at something more interesting

The executives at Lexus have revealed some new details about the upcoming model which is slated to go into production late next year.

In an interview, Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda said that the company needed something more exciting and more exhilarating. He did not mention anything after that nor did he give any further details about it. But the Executive Vice President of Lexus International Mark Templin went on to say that according to him a coupe could change perceptions of their brand and it would make them a more emotional brand and potentially reach younger buyers.

The statements look promising but the mystery model is expected to be an entry-level crossover. Templin’s predecessor, Kazuo Ohara, confirmed that a concept would likely be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. In fact more recent reports have even indicated that the production version could be unveiled as early as the net year’s 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Not much details are available about the mystery crossover, but it is expected to be based on the Toyota RAV4 and may be offered with a hybridized 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that will be able to generate 220 HP (162 kW).

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