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Lexus LS TMG Edition Spied and Filmed at Nurburgring: Spy Video, Spy Shots and Leaked Specs

As you know already, there have been some photos circulating the net several weeks back, with the Lexus LS-F testing at Nurburgring, and a LFA GTE race car that will be campaigned at the 24 Hours of Le Mans next year. These photos have been removed at Toyota’s request.

However, they showed up again, as the Lexus has been spied again at the Nürburgring Racetrack and we have presented those spy photos at the time, but now we have something more than photos… we can show you for the first time the new Lexus LS TMG Edition on video!

This video was shooted at Nurburgring as well, revealing some new details of this car, the sound of the exhaust pipe being the icing on the cake.

In addition to that, we can present you the official specs, thanks to a spy photographer who was able to take some shots with technical specifications table (you can see the photo in the gallery below). According to this spied spec sheet, the Lexus LS TMG Edition takes its power from a 650-hp engine which has a displacement of 5.0-liters and revs to 9000 rpm, but the information is not conclusive. It’s believed to either be a larger displacement version of the LFA’s engine or a twin-turbo version of the IS-F motor.

Considering that this car will be introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show this December, it is probably that more details will come out befor the official debut, so stay tuned for more.

Images and Video: CarPix

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