Lincoln working on a Mustang-based coupe

In one of the major news across the Automobile world, it is being said that Lincoln‘s revival plans could include a rear-wheel drive coupe based on the Ford Mustang.

The latest reports claim that, Lincoln Motors, would be working on a Mustang based Coupe, which would help the brand to survive in the cut throat market. The news reports, that it all depends on the success of the 2013 MKZ and/or 2014 MKD (or whatever name the compact CUV will get). If these two will fail, Ford will probably kill Lincoln. And suppose if the two models will be a success, then guys, get ready to see a Ford Mustang-based Lincoln RWD coupe which will be unveiled towards the end of 2015 as a 2016MY or 2017MY. And this new model will also be following the release of other modesl such as, MKS, Navigator, MKX and a Ford Explorer-based model.

The sources say that, the coupe could be powered by a V6 2.9-liter EcoBoost engine and will have a slightly longer wheelbase than the Mustang. It will be developed exclusively as a coupe, but Lincoln is reportedly thinking of a full-size RWD flagship model based on the next-gen Mustang to come out before the end of the decade.

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